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The Essential iPhone Accessories

The Essential iPhone Accessories

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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in iPhone accessories, be it a waterproof iPhone case, tempered glass screen protector, wallet case or power bank, look no further. Our cases are the best on the Australian market, able to withstand any wear or tear.

If you like to take your phone outside for those perfect selfies, make vlogs in the wilderness, or simply want something to prolong your phone's life, you should try one of these cases. Traditional phone cases only have so much to offer. Ours have both the aesthetic appeal, and much-needed durability.

Waterpoof iPhone Case

Be it a waterproof iPhone 4 case, a waterproof iPhone 7 case, or anything in-between, these cases can survive drops up to 1.5 meters and keep your phone completely protected. A waterproof iPhone case is an essential if you enjoy water sports, selfies by the beach, or simply browsing your phone while you take a relaxing bath.

These beautiful, functional cases are not only waterproof, but also shock and dirt-proof. Additionally, the cases are equipped with camera lens protection to ensure you can still take gorgeous photos. Functional and durable, our waterproof iphone 5 case, waterproof iphone 5s case, waterproof iphone 7 plus case, waterproof iphone se case and waterproof iphone 6 case are ideal for any outdoorsy person.

For instance, the waterproof iphone 5s case will protect your phone from the elements while remaining completely compatible with Touch ID and 3D Touch. The same can be said for our other models, the waterproof iphone 7 case, waterproof iphone 7 plus case, waterproof iphone 6 case and waterproof iphone se case. All of these cases have a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Waterproof iPhone Case

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

What is tempered glass? Tempered glass is seen most often in car windshields. When shattered, tempered glass keeps its shape instead of disintegrating. If you drop your phone onto a hard surface, the screen will stay in one solid piece, allowing you to keep using it.

Our iPhone screen protectors are durable and lasting, and preserve your phone screen in the case of drops. We offer tempered glass screen protector for iphone 5, tempered glass screen protector for iphone 6 and tempered glass screen protector for iphone 7. If you're worried about a shattered screen, try getting the best tempered glass screen protector on the market.

Leather Flip Wallet Case

Wallet cases, including the iphone 5 leather wallet case, iphone 6 leather wallet case and iphone 7 leather wallet case, are convenient for carrying your phone and wallet in one small pouch. Wallet cases can hold your phone, your cards and cash, with room for anything else you might need. Additionally, these cases often come with a stand, letting you prop up your phone for viewing ease.

Leather Wallet iPhone

iPhone Power Bank

No case can save your phone's depleting battery. For that, you're going to need a power bank. These little beauties function as portable chargers. They're great for charging your phone on the go, wherever you may be. Simply plug your phone into the bank and let it work its magic. Most power banks are small and fit snugly into a pocket or purse. So if you have a long trip ahead of you, no power outlets available, or if you simply forgot to bring a traditional charger, one of our power banks will do the trick.

To conclude, no iPhone is complete without these accessories, which make the iPhone experience so much better. Be it a waterproof iPhone 5 case, wallet case, tempered glass screen protector or power banks, your iPhone will be safe with our products.

iPhone Power Bank

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